Food distribution

April 15, 2021

15 April 2021

Food distribution

What do food distributors do?

The food distributor is positioned at an intermediate stage between production and the customer at both operational and commercial levels: it must be able to orchestrate commercial and logistical operations upstream and downstream of its chain, paying attention to the quantity and quality of supplies and sales, and managing its internal operations to ensure that the product requested by its customers is always available and at the correct quality expected, with an increasingly high level of service.

Food distribution processes and organization

In all these coordinated processes between suppliers and customers, the distributor, in addition to finding the right price to achieve adequate margins, must manage, plan and track a multitude of data and information of incoming products: quantity, lot and expiration, product master data, logistics data. It must then internally standardize all quality, food safety (temperature, traceability, etc.) and logistics data to optimize inventory and its own processes, and to offer customers a high level of service.

When the distributor needs to order products, it often orients itself according to "offline", non-digitized historical data that is communicated via email, Excel files or phone calls. The same happens when it's the distributor who receives the order: it must be able, in the most systematic, organized and simple way possible, to transmit data on traceability, storage and delivery temperature, and food safety. But it's never easy without first digitizing your internal processes.

Food Distribution Visibility and Tracking Solutions 

Wenda helps distributors manage product and process visibility and tracking data across their chain of responsibility, even if the product transits through multiple actors. From supplier to customer.

It allows you to keep track of traceability data, lot, expiry date, temperature, thus ensuring the integrity of the cold chain from supplier to customer.
It manages process and product data in a single Platform with accounts available also for suppliers and customers, from which they can access information according to different authorization levels depending on the company role.